Rebecca Branham is a contemporary artist, whose passion for beauty is conveyed on canvas with colorful, vibrant images. She portrays this beauty by blending bright and vivid acrylics within pale, swirling watercolors. Feelings of serenity and peace embrace those who view her artwork.

She is inspired by nature, such as a beautiful sunset or the pattern of crashing waves at the beach. She enjoys creating dynamic expressions when using such beautiful colors. "I feel as if I'm painting heaven," says the artist.

Among others, the Saks Fifth Avenue Pavilion, the Daybreak Gallery and the Westlake Park Building have hosted Rebecca's Winds of Colour exhibits in Houston, Texas.

Couture gown design by

Rebecca is currently working on an exclusive Winds of Colour couture gown collection which should be completed shortly. Stay posted for updates.

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All Winds of Colour artwork and couture gown collections are
exclusive works by Rebecca Branham and may not be
transferred, reproduced, duplicated or copied in any form or fashion.

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